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Dss Management

committed management team anchors the organization effectively to its goal of providing high quality software solutions to its clients. Equipped with technical expertise, excellent domain knowledge and extensive cross-functional experience, they nurture interactive relationships with the client community.

Dr. Owns, President
Dr. Owns is a recognized Data Warehouse & Business Intelligent & Data Mining scientist, practitioner, visionary leader, and has been practicing on cross-industry EDW/BI & ERP solutions for past 15 years, of his 23 years of IT practice. He is a recognized thought leader in the areas of business analytics and business intelligence. Dr. Owns has built analytics strategies and solutions in Utility, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing Holding, and Healthcare industries. He has advised several C-level executives on how to leverage analytics to address some of the most pressing business problems.

Dr. Owns is a hands-on practitioner with deep expertise in building Enterprise analytics and intelligence solutions. He laid the architectural foundation for few largest Data warehouses in the world, HP, ERCOT, Halliburton/KBR, Department of Justice, IDRO, Oracle and IBM to name a few. Dr. Owns as a pioneer since 1992 has extensive experience in providing technology strategies in the areas of portfolio consolidation and optimization; modernization strategies and offshore-ability of technology applications. He has worked with several Chief Information and Technology officers to rationalize and optimize their technology portfolios; determining the portfolio components that can be off-shored; make business cases and eventually implement the strategy successfully.

Dr. Owns established Dss Solutions 1999 with Business Intelligent in mind, with extensive industrial analytical awareness seminars in Washington DC area with Dr. Ralph Kimball team, who is the father of Data Warehouse in the world. Dr. Owns has Doctoral degree in Information Technology & Engineering from George Mason University, majoring in Decision Support Solutions utilizing Business Intelligent and multi-strategy Data Mining (Machine Learning (Symbolic Learning Classification), Genetic Algorithm Classification (Co-Evolutionary Algorithms), Bayesian Classification, and Approximate Classification) and has passion to speak on BI and data Mining on various forums and seminars.

Dr. Owns has always been a pioneer in Knowledge transfer to other countries and then utilize them for local and offshore practices. And with that believe, he started the first offshore company on 1992. Since then, Dss Solutions owns two offshore companies in ME and India. In addition to that, many other offshore development partners provide Dss Solutions more flexibilities and technology enrichments on many multi-industry ERP & BI practices. However, Dss Solutions made an exclusive partnership agreement with $400M offshore EDW/BI & ERP solutions practice, Hexaware, to provide very effective and seamless solutions in ME with Dss Strategy as a local representative and with International technology resources and leadership support so that ME’s clients won’t see and feel multi-vendor solutions challenges.

Dr. Owns utilized Dss Solutions’ ODCs, offshore and Onsite teams and resources to developed many big projects ({HP Retail Analytics, Central Banking of ME Banking Solutions architecture}, {Country Population Registration Lifecycle Simulation System and architecture for ME, ERCOT Nodal project Market Participant Utility/Power Lifecycle Simulation}, {Days Hospital Solutions}, {IDRO and Saipa Manufacturing and Holding BI Solutions}, {Utility BI for Tavanir and ERCOT}, {Oil & Gas BI Solutions for IDRO, NIOC and Halliburton/KBR}, E-Commerce BI for Ministry of Finance, and AmirKabir University knowledge transfer) as well as solutions packages for USA and ME market (DssPTMS®, DssMedical®, DssMedicalBridge®, DssMMS®, DssPowerMS®, DssAnalystics®, DssBIModeler®, DssHR®, and other custom applications).

Dr. Owns has been a pioneer on training ODC resources as offshore development site by establishing many ODC globally and encouraging the local investors on Investing and focusing on this subject since 1992. Prior to establishing the Software development company on 1991, Dr. Owns was a Computer Hardware technology researcher and a planner for IBM Research in Austin Texas, with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland. He has patents on Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) within IBM that is used on all memory and logic chipsets worldwide. He has thought in University of Maryland and George Mason University, while doing his both PhDs.
Max Hester, CEO
Mr. Max Hester Has joined and led Dss Solutions since 2000. Before joining Dss Solutions, Max established many startups companies and make them successful into key markets including Oracle ERP, SAP and BI solutions, on Healthcare , Banking, Manufacturing and Utilities verticals. His principal focuses on business strategy and leadership development help taking Dss Solutions to the next level of performance. Max is a CPA and MBA from George Mason University with over 20 years of varies experience ranging from Sales & Marketing, Project Management, CFO, and Corporate Financial Strategies and Planning.
Carlos Calderon, CFO
Mr. Carlos Calderon is the Chief Financial Officer of Dss Solutions and oversees the Finance and Accounts function globally. He additionally helps Dss Solutions implement US GAAP accounting standards. Carlos obtained his MBA from George Mason University and was President and CEO of the South American Export Credit Union in Washington DC.
Alex White, CIO
Alex White is responsible for entire global IT operations including Information Systems Group and Systems Technology Group at Dss Solutions. He also heads Info Security Governance and Infrastructure Management Services.

Mr. White has 20 years of industry experience in the field of Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Security. Before Dss Solutions, he was the CIO of Aspen System where he was responsible for IT/IS/Security and Infrastructure Business.

Mr. White, an influential CIO among his peers is known for his technical know-how and has received many awards for his IT implementation projects across different industries. In September 2008, he was credited the CIO 100 Ingenious Award at the 4th Annual CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony by International Publishing Services (IDG).

Mr. White holds dual degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Chicago.
Paul Martin, VP of Sales and Marketing
Paul Martin is responsible for entire Sales and Marketing operation at Dss Solutions, His consulting and analytical expertise is most developed in the Manufacturing and retail, Healthcare, business-to-business, Oil & Gas and financial services industries. He has a deep understanding of the payments industry and is well versed in the business capabilities of POS, CRM and database technologies. He has a firm grasp on financial modeling, ROI analysis and business case development in the customer management arena. Paul also brings a unique perspective to the issues and processes surrounding the sales and marketing of Marketing Services.

Mr. Martin holds dual degrees in Computer Science and MBA from University of Maryland.
Sam Jimal, VP of Enterprise Solutions
Sam Jimal heads the global Enterprise Solutions business at Dss Solutions. He leads the horizontal units of CRM, ERP, Cloud and Online Solutions and Business Intelligence & Analytics. He is responsible for identifying growth engines, building new service offerings and business development. He has been a key player in driving Dss Solutions’ growth since 1998. Mr. Jima; was instrumental in building the Enterprise Cloud Solutions at Dss Solutions. He conceptualized and incubated Dss Solutions Innovation center. He guides Practices in creating POCs which benefits customers directly.

He was the management sponsor for certifying Dss Solutions at SEI-CMM Level 5 in 2007.

Mr. Jimal holds a Computer Engineering degree from George Mason University. He has over 30 years of experience in the software services, Hardware and consulting field.
Ravi Reddy, VP of Operation and Offshore
Mr. Ravi Reddy heads the global delivery organization at Dss Solutions. All service lines and horizontals report into him.

Mr. Reddy has been with Dss Solutions for over four years. He has been instrumental in establishing new service offerings and growing the Testing (QATS), Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence & Analytics horizontal practices at Dss Solutions. He continues in his technical role as the Chief Software Architect to provide architecture solutions to customers. He has been actively involved in helping some of Dss Solutions’ large customers in re-shaping their IT eco-system and modernizing them.

He has over 20 years of experience in managing large delivery operations across multiple geographies. He has extensive experience in providing technology solutions for various organizations in India, Europe and USA. In his last assignment before joining Dss Solutions, he was the Chief Architect for HP implementing Software solutions in the USA & European sectors.

Mr. Reddy holds a Post Graduate degree in Technology from I.I.T. Delhi.
Arindam Sarkar, VP of Resource Management
Mr. Arindam Sarkar has over 23 years of experience in HR, Compensation and HRIS as an analyst, manager, executive, consultant and entrepreneur. His passion is manager empowerment and employee engagement through total rewards management. It has been the topic that he often presents to large audiences at national HR conferences such as HR Technology, SHRM, PIHRA, and APA. He has been published in WorldatWork Journal, HR Executive magazine and in other publications.

Mr. Arindam Sarkar holds a Business degree George Mason University.
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